Bottled Profile Bio

Hey, and welcome to my profile. I landed at bottled because I am in a period of life where I feel very lonely. And I would like to meet nice people here with whom I can communicate. 

Furthermore I would like to try to improve my english. It`s not really good and that’s why I still need the help of Google Translate 🙁

The look of people does not matter, but you still want to know who you’re writing with. Therefore, I only reply to messages from users who have a face on their profile pic and at least have something in their bio.

I want to tell you something else that is related to my depression. There are good days and there are bad days with me. This is exactly how there are longer good times and longer bad times. In the bad times, I withdraw a lot from the people. This affects people in real life and online. If you want to write more often with me, then it may be that I sometimes do not answer for a longer time. This is by no means personal. It is this terrible disease. Almost all my friends I have lost by 🙁

Do you have a messenger ?

We can talk about a messenger. Is something more comfortable, maybe ? I use Telegram. You just have to click on the button 🙂

My Skills

Maybe you would like to know something more about me? Here are some skills of mine. What i like / what i am / what i have / what you get^^…:

#MetaHuman #BadAss #Queer #aDreamer ##HayDayPlayer #KetoLifestyle #Depression #EatingDisorder #WeightLoss #BioHacker #Blogger #Admin #Networker #AmateurGraphicArtist #Christian #likeAudioPlays #TV #Series #LGBTQIA #HateRacism #Shy #VeryIntroverted #Honestly #Thinker

  • Do not drink alcohol but tolarate it in others
  • Occasionally Pipe Smoker